98 Episodes in on my Will & Grace binge

Last Thursday NBC released all the Will & Grace episodes, giving us just 1 week to get in as many as we could. BTW it’s impossible to watch them all. Trust me, I did the math in a previous blog.

Today I will finish Season 4 of the 8. Only 96 left to go! Tonight the revival premieres. Sadly it’s past my bedtime, so I have to stay up late, get up early and watch the episode, or walk around with blinders on until I can get home and watch it tomorrow after work. First world problems, for sure. It’s been so fun to catch up on all the laughs, all at once. I swear my stomach has been getting a work out.

Oh and Nigel LOVES it cause all we do is snuggle and watch, yes we rotate from the sofa, to the chaise to the bed, but I fear he’s getting spoiled and once I get a life again, he will begin to act out. Who am I kidding, he’s a perfectly imperfect fur baby!

  • Mel McKay


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