Tricia Ferguson

SIGN: Aquarius.


CHILDREN: 2 boys and 2 cats.

LIKES: Coffee, Tea, going to the gym, listening to new music and shopping.

DISLIKES: The Alarm clock, getting stuck in traffic and Asparagus.

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: The San Jose State University Spartans; by default.

LOOK ALIKE: I think I look like Michelle. I don’t know who Michelle is. But I run into a lot of people who believe I am Michelle. Even after I tell them I’m not Michelle.

FAVORITE MUSICAL ARTISTS: David Bowie, Velvet Revolver, My Chemical Romance, The Razorburns, Coldplay, Damone, Flogging Molly, Joanna Newsom, Michelle Featherstone, System of a Down, and all the music on KKDV!!!

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