Yours Humanly

Join Yours Humanly and their efforts to lift the children in underserved communities up and out of poverty through access to quality education.

Millions of young children worldwide are denied a fair and equal chance in life because they are not being educated. Millions are not attending school, or they are struggling to find a school or stay in school because they are poor or because they are working the streets—or because they are girls.

Millions more are in school, in the United States and across the globe, but without the academic tools and materials and competitive computer technology they need to fully test their potential. The challenges in accessing continuous quality education and critical computer technology are far and wide for thousands of children in foster care and subsidized households and vulnerable communities.

Through our two flagship programs, Coloring Futures and Bridging Gaps, Yours Humanly works to provide underprivileged children in underserved communities of the United States and around the world access to quality education from credible institutions in safe and nurturing environments and access to computer technology and instruction.

By doing so, we are helping children transcend the vicious cycle of poverty, prostitution, child labor, and other challenging situations and work toward better, brighter futures.

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