I did it, 196 episodes in 13.5 days!

By the time the second new episode of Will & Grace airs tonight, I will have successfully binge watched like never before and finished all 8 seasons. Plus I watched last weeks episode twice! That means I watched an average of 14.51 episodes per day.

Obsessed much? Yes, and I’m okay with that. I admit it took dedication like I have never felt before. Moving the TV into the kitchen so I could cook and get enough fuel into my body to keep me going through my Will & Grace marathon.

Nigel Winston III, was a rock during all this, snuggling on my shoulder or in my lap, keeping the dream alive. Going for walks while I watched on my phone and sporadically burst out laughing.

Yes some are better than others, that’s sitcom life for you. But thanks to Karen & Jack, there were always enough laughs to make my abs sore.

Welcome back, Eric, Debra, Megan & Sean. Here’s to at least another 8 seasons.

  • Mel McKay


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