194 episodes of Will & Grace in 7 days, is it possible?

NBC announced that every episode of all 8 seasons Will & Grace will be available for binge watching TODAY. Will, Grace, Jack & Karen’s new season debuts on September 28th. So the first thing I did was the math. Is it even possible? Since the show is 30 minutes, with commercials (you know they will run spots) that means 97 hours of W&G. There are 168 hours in 7 days, many of which have already ticked away while I was sleeping, completely unaware that it was happening today! Maybe that’s a fan fail on my part, but I can’t change that now. So we move forward.

71 hours is the remaining time that you have to work, sleep and live. So which thing are you gonna neglect? Now that’s a dilemma. 40 hour work week, 56 hours of sleep puts you at negative 25 hours. Not even counting commute time.

I am so glad we can FINALLY watch every season, however I wish they gave us more than a week to catch up. But since I’m a bright side kinda gal, I will use the previous episodes to fill up the rest of the week. So it’s a win, win!

  • Mel McKay


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