History of Wayne Coy’s Toys Radio-thon

Wayne Coy’s Toys began in 2014 as an annual outreach to support Sleep Train’s Foster Kidsprogram in the Far East Bay Area

KKIQ/KKDV radio morning host Wayne Coy is a former Foster Child and understands from a first-hand perspective, what it is like to be forgotten during the holiday season; kids do get overlooked. It is a sad byproduct of the circumstances.

Often, foster children are placed on or before the holidays and in the flurry of relocation activity they get passed over or left out. That should never happen, but it does. It happened to me and my siblings when we were separated from each other and placed in various foster homes.

At that point in a child’s life, the feeling of being wanted and remembered is so crucial. The small act of receiving a toy or two makes a huge difference.

The goals of Wayne Coy’s Toys are simple; to help as many foster children as possible by collecting new, unwrapped toys and then to distribute those toys in the community to help local foster children.



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