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Actor Luke Perry dies from Massive Stroke, do you know the symptoms?

We are all still in shock over the recent passing of  Actor Luke Perry at 52 years of age, just days after suffering from a massive stroke. His family, friends, and fans are all missing him dearly. And when something like this happens to someone you admire, it can really make you question your own mortality.

Therefore, it seemed like a good time to search online for information: what are the symptoms of someone having a stroke. To better prepare for an event should it ever happen to someone you know. I’ve always heard that time is of the essence when someone is having a stroke. The sooner medical treatment is sought, the better. But, what else do we need to know?

Stroke Symptoms, according to the American Stroke Association:

F.A.S.T – This is the acronym to remember. It stands for…

F – Face Drooping: does one side of the face droop, or is it numb? Ask the
person to smile, notice whether their face is uneven or lopsided.
A – Arm Weakness: is one arm weak or numb? Ask the person to raise both
arms and look to see if one arm seems to drift downward.
S – Speech Difficulty: is their speech slurred? Are they unable to speak or hard to
understand? Ask them to repeat a simple sentence.
T – Time to call 911: if a person shows any signs of these symptoms, even if the symptoms
go away, call 9-1-1 and get them to a hospital for treatment immediately!

Other symptoms of Stroke may include: sudden numbness, sudden confusion, sudden trouble seeing, sudden trouble walking, sudden severe headache.

If someone shows any of these symptoms, call 9-1-1 or get them to emergency medical services immediately.

For more information on stroke symptoms, stroke risk factors, and treatment, visit the America Stroke Association website.

-Tricia Ferguson


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