Called Back For Diagnostic Mammogram

If you’ve had your Mammogram, you probably remember your tech told you not to freak out if you get called back for more images.

‘Member that part of the video of my Mammogram where Dina said not to worry?

Well…I got the call, and I admit, I was a little worried. Human nature I suppose. So back in for new tighter images on my right breast. She’s been the ‘squeaky wheel’ for many years. Just some small calcifications.

I went back in and Natalie took great care of me. This was a closer look, so the squeeze was tighter and a little more uncomfortable, but over quickly. On a Diagnostic Mammogram, they take the more focused scans, then the Radiologist decides if they want more scans, an ultrasound or any further tests.

The Doctor didn’t need anything else, so I was taken into a small room and waited for the news. I felt fine and calm.

Well, it turns out the calcification had changed since my last mammogram. So a needle Biopsy is the next step, 4 out of 5 are benign.  I didn’t feel scared or a sense of doom. I got the information packet and headed home. I called my sister, and when I said the word Biopsy, I choked up. We have no family history of Breast Cancer, so we’ve promised to remain positive.

Next week, it’s the Biopsy Blog.

Peace, Love & Health,

  • Mel McKay



PS: If you missed the video catch up here.



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