Discover Diablo is Save Mount Diablo’s program of free guided public hikes

Save Mount Diablo releases an annual schedule of free public hikes, which are publicized at the beginning of each calendar year.

Save Mount Diablo hosts one monthly property hike, taking place and focusing on a specific piece of land Save Mount Diablo owns and stewards, as well as one monthly family hike. Family hikes will take place on a collaborating agency’s land and will highlight ecologic features or a designated theme. We also offer a specialty series intended to build certain skill sets or grant access to SMD members exclusively, such as landscape photography field outings, bird watching expeditions, etc.

The goal of Discover Diablo is to build awareness of the land conservation movement and the importance of permanently protecting open space for habitat by increasing recognition of the inherent value of outdoor recreation as a means of connecting people with nature. Through this free public hikes program, we aim to reach new audiences, grow our membership base, and spark a passion for Diablo’s wild, natural lands in the youngest of trailblazers.

To see a calendar of more Hikes click here



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