Elevator of Terror

For the first time in my life, I got stuck in an elevator. It was nothing like the movies or television. There wasn’t a handsome co-worker or stranger there with me. I had no snacks or water on my person. Not only was cell phone battery low but I don’t get a signal in the elevators.

My mind began jumping to worst case scenario, I was 5 floors up and it jolted to a stop before the 4th floor. I clutched the bars and braced myself for the cable to snap and send me all the way to the ground. Thankfully it did not drop, the doors opened but only by a couple inches.

Building maintenance had been working on all the elevators over the last few weeks. I hoped the crew was still on site and this situation could be resolved quickly. I told myself I’d take the stairs from now on. My trust blown after one incident.

I began to wonder, would some handsome firefighter rescue me, we’d obviously fall madly in love and we’d live happily ever after. Right? We’d have twins names Gage and Saige.

None of these fear produced daydreams came true.

I will freely admit it was one of the scariest 10 seconds of my life…

  • Mel McKay

Listen to me tell Wayne all about it:



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