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Grow More Food in Harmony with Nature: February Workshop Series

February 3rd: Soil: Ground Zero for Garden & Planetary Health

Learn the definition and components of soil, and what it takes to best support your garden.

Participants will be able to: identify soil characteristics based on texture, structure, and types of plants growing in it; know what turns soil into dirt; understand basic plant biology (and why never to buy petrochemically-based fertilizers again); compost and vermicompost; understand the importance of organic matter in soil



February 10th: Water: Slow it, Sink it, Spread it, Save it

Whether El Nino or drought, learning how to capture and use water can transform your garden.

Participants will be able to: identify the most relevant water capture system(s) for their property (may include swales, dams, earthworks, ponds, greywater); use an A-frame to identify contour lines (for swales), and know how to implement the best system for their circumstances.



February 17th: Trees, Guilds & Food Forests, and Options for Applying Them

Purpose: 1. Learn how to identify which plants are needed, and then place plants so that they help each other grow for increased yield, soil health and less work for the gardener.

2. Learn how to build structures such as herb spirals, keyhole beds or mandala beds to incorporate guilds.

Participants will be able to: identify 6 critical functions of trees and how to use them in the garden; what types of trees and plants to use for desired functions; what to plant around trees; how to build high-density planting structures.



February 24th: To Seed or to Seedling

Learn what is most cost and time effective to plant versus buy. What to know when working with seed packets or 6-packs of seedlings. Plant some seeds for your own garden. (Materials fee may apply.)

Participants will be able to: read a seed packet, know where to find crucial growing information, set up recordkeeping, and distinguish which nursery plants are best to take home. Know which type of growing medium to use when, and how to make their own.



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