Did you know I host a TV show? It’s on Tri Valley TV and I’ve been doing it for over a year now. It’s just kind of happened. I was recording a Helping Your Hometown with Dr. Marshal Kamena and the executive director Melissa Tench-Stevens featuring their Summer Camps, the only video camp available locally that provides students with a real life experience in a working television station.

Months later I got a call from Melissa. She told me that Robin Farh was moving on to a new job and was no longer able to host the show and asked if I was interested in hosting. I said YES! I had to say yes, TV has always been my Achilles heel. I’ve done a few things on TV over the years, but I’m always so hard on myself. It’s always been kind of painful to watch myself.

I had a chance to concur that and went in for a screen test. It went well and Melissa offered me the job. Once a month I come in and we lay down the show for the following month. The crew is amazing, I adore my TV family. I’m getting better at accepting myself on camera, it’s making me be more accepting of who I am, my curves, my curls and all that makes me, ME.

Overall, I’ve meet some amazing people and enjoyed terrific ‘Conversations’ pun intended! Thank you for seeing potential in me Melissa and Marshal.

Click here to watch the March show, featuring:

Jorge Victoria, Debbie Glenn from Pleasanton Tualancingo Sister Association

Barbara Roudbush – Tri-Valley SOCKS Bra’s for the Cause

Kiran Guleria  –Livermore Innovation Fair

  • Mel McKay


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