Gene Wilders’ Widow

Gene Wilder died this week, we’ve all talked about it, shared our favorite movies and mourned him. But to me it seems like his wife Karen has been forgotten.


Yes, I’m a romantic, I understand everyone is happy to think that Gene is back with Gilda. Of course, losing her to ovarian cancer so young was a tragedy. No one can say their love wasn’t true and strong.


However, he was lucky to find women he loved enough to marry four times during his 83 years on this earth. The last 27 of them were spent with his wife, Karen Boyer. Wilder died just days before their 25 year anniversary. Boyer, had reportedly given up on love and certainly marriage, until she found Gene. They met while doing research for the 1989 film, See No Evil, Hear No Evil. They didn’t start dating until a year after meeting, but something clicked for both of them. They married 2 years later in a very private ceremony.  Shortly after their romance began, Gene had this to say, “For years I have thought about Gilda and cancer every day. The time has come for me to rejoin the human race… I am happier than I have ever been, thanks to Karen.”

Gene and Karen

She laughed with him and loved him thru his cancer, and Alzheimer’s and everything in between. Karen I am so sorry for the loss of your great love. We will all miss him, no one more than you.

  • Mel McKay




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