Driving around with a nail in your tire, you know the one you can’t see but just know is there? That’s how I started my day.

Now..the joyous experience of waiting for the shop where you bought your tires with the lifetime warranty and “free” flat repair to get you in because you don’t have an appointment. No offense to any of these places, but a two hour wait in the “customer lounge” is not anyone’s idea of a good time. Unless sitting staring at the TV that shows “Judge Judy” on a continuous loop is something you would refer to as a good time.

Yes, they have a courtesy shuttle but 9 times out of 10, the driver is out with another customer and will be back in “a little while.” Translation: an hour or more. Then, by the time he gets you picked up and home, your car will be just about ready. So, call the shop and schedule a pickup to take you back. And there goes another hour. I just wish they’d give you Virtual Reality goggles and let you bide the time on a beach somewhere in a hammock with a frothy drink or at minimum, something to read besides a Sports Illustrated magazine from 1996. Did I mention its Monday?

Thanks for letting me vent. It kept my mind off this kid across from me that’s looking at me like I just stole his fidget spinner. Maybe I need one of those too….how’s your day?

Wayne Coy



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