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Have you ever wished your toilet recognized you?

White Bathroom in Country House

Scientists at Stanford University in California say they’ve just developed a SMART TOILET that can identify you by your butt and monitor your health by your waste . . . both the liquids and the solids.  (And what should be solid but comes out liquid.)

The scientists say it can monitor all types of health issues, small and large . . . even things like colon and prostate cancer.

So how will it recognize you by your butt?  The researchers say, quote, “We know it seems weird, but as it turns out, your anal print is unique.”

The toilet is in its early stages so there’s no word on when it might hit the market.

But so far, they’ve tested it on 300 people, and the majority say they’re comfortable with the idea of having a smart toilet in their home.

  • Mel McKay

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