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Residential Food Scraps Program 

Gone are the days of throwing everything away in the garbage can, just to have it fill up and overflow! With the residential food scraps program, it’s easy to dispose of your leftover food scraps and yard trimmings! The plus side, it all gets composted to go back into the earth. If you don’t have one, you can easily request a free 2-gallon food scrap container from republic services. Line your kitchen container with paper towels or newspaper. Then, scrape food off your dishes and toss out unwanted leftovers into your container.. Like fruits, veggies, meat, bones, shellfish, cooked food… even food soiled paper like greasy pizza boxes, napkins, paper towels, paper plates and paper cups. For a more sanitary way to collect food scraps, keep your kitchen container in the freezer, then dump it in your green bin the night before your service pick-up!

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Stay tuned for other great ways that you can “go green.”  Some are simple, some may take a little effort, but they will all make a difference that you’ll feel good about.


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