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I Wanna Be a Millionaire…


Do you ever wish you had more money? I think we all do. Well, millionaires aren’t much different from us except that they have a little extra cash. And they are usually smart about how they spend! According to a recent study there are 5 things that millionaires splurge a little extra on:

  1. Travel: If only you could go on MORE vacations, right?
  2. Dining out: There’s a reason a lot of us cook and prepare meals at home. Eating out a couple times a week can add up some serious cash!
  3. Cars: Oh, yeah! Wouldn’t you love to drive a Lamborghini to work everyday? “Yeah, this is just my commute car”. Hahaha! Here’s a tip from millionaires who buy luxury cars and who are smart with their money. Buy pre-owned and buy at 50 percent off the MSRP price! Wow! Sounds smart to me!
  4. Wine: I think we’d all spend A LOT of money on good wine if we were millionaires, yes?
  5. Clothes: Let’s be honest, you gotta dress the part. Especially for business and maybe vanity, too. With outlets and retail chains like Ross and TJ Maxx, you can dress the part, too!

Now, we just need to win the lottery so we can live the lavish life too. (Or, really work for it! Hey, it’s possible! Anyone can be a millionaire!)

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-Tricia Ferguson

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