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Nigel Winston III here.  You know my Mom, Mel McKay and I had an amazing weekend LARPD’s Dogtoberfest! It was a celebration of all things dogs, or as mom calls us, fur babies.

We were trying to break the Guinness World Record for Most Dogs Wearing Bandanas. We needed 765 to snag the record. We had plenty of time to sniff and meet tons of awesome pooches and pet parents. Plus we had to go see all the adorable puppies that were up for adoption.

Noon was here before we knew it, so we all lined up for the official count. Then we went back to the booth to continue taking pictures for anyone who wanted one in our Photobooth.

It was only about 10 minutes, but it felt so much longer. We got the total count, at it was 621. We didn’t break the record, but I have 620 new friends!

Collage 1: On our way, selfie, Stella and her awesome glasses and me Sir Sniffs A Lot. Yes that’s one of my many nicknames. My mom is silly.

We got to see dogs jumping and catching Frisbee’s and doing flips. Sheep dogs herding at least a dozen sheep. A costume contest and the Livermore PD’s K-9 unit do a demonstration. There was a really smart dog who could tell when the suspect didn’t do exactly what his partner told him to do. When the man playing the suspect tried to run away, he ran almost as fast as me, after him and bit down on his arm. Don’t worry he had a big padded sleeve thing on to protect him. It was so exciting, but I was a little worried someone might get hurt. But they didn’t!

Collage 2: In my pouch in mom’s hoodie while she does a break on the radio, on our way home, home and nap time. I was so tired from all the fun I laid on mom the rest of the afternoon.

Best day ever! Life is good being a celebrity. Bone Drop.

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