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Hi Nigel Winston III here, well as you know I’m kinda a worldly jet setter thanks to Mom…. Just last weekend we jetted off to see my Aunt Maria and my Cousin Olive, they are the best… Anyway, I want to tell you about my first time on Wheels & BART. Last time we traveled we parked at the airport. But when Mom saw the parking bill, she almost fainted.

Then one morning she was doing your Hometown Traffic Update and read a sponsor for LAVTA’s Wheels Rapid Route 10R and had a brilliant idea!  One check of the schedules and the plan was made…..   (no we are not being paid for this blog, and that’s a paw promise)

Since I’m a ‘Companion Animal’, I get to travel in so many cool ways…. So this bus ride was sure to be an adventure!  It was the first time on a bus for me, and Mom hadn’t been on a bus since broadcasting school in Salt Lake City, UT.  That was a REALLY long time ago….

Usually when I see her packing stuff up I get whiny cause well, sometimes she doesn’t take me with her…  This time though, she grabbed my harness and leash and I new I was in!!.  We only had to walk a couple of blocks, I got to scratch and sniff so many things on the way I was ready for the ride…. The bus was so comfortable, Mom kept me perched on her lap and of course everyone wanted to pet me…. I mean… I’m me….

Anyway, next thing I knew we were right at the entrance to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station…..   It was only the beginning of the trip and I already had a full day….

Mom told me we were gonna ride BART, but I thought she said BARK. How do you ride a BARK, it’s just a sound? Then we got on this strange looking train thing, it was kinda noisy and bumpy, like when I think I hear things in the night and jump around and bark….  Anyway, since it was loud and noisy I didn’t need to bark so I just rode it out on Mom’s knee….  Mom calls it surfing when I balance on her leg. I admit it was tougher than it is in the car, but I’ve been surfing a long time so I had my Mass Transit legs in no time.


The Oakland airport is very familiar territory for this terrier.   Since I get to walk, I also get to sniff and see which of my friends have been at the airport lately. Mom and I have been flying together as much as possible to visit our besties since we moved here in January of last year. I’ve seen all the big East Bay airports, OAK, SFO & SJC.

Of course once we got to Vegas, well Mom and Auntie were all busy talking and catching up so I hung out with Olive, played a lit, snuggled… it was a great time, except when I realized that Mom and Auntie were like playing with Olive more than me, but then my aunt gave me her “Are you kidding me kid” side eye look…. I know how to handle that, so I just jumped in her arms snuggled up close and licked her face…. She was mine!!!

Bone Drop!

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