Inside Nigel’s Noggin

Hi, Nigel Winston III here. You listen to my mom every morning, on Hometown Mornings with one of my best buddies, Wayne Coy. Every time Mom leaves, I give her my best, take me with you face. Most of the time it doesn’t work.

But last Saturday morning it totally worked and we jumped in the car and headed to Concord. Mom took me to the Grand Opening of Camp Bow Wow. We got to meet their mascot Scout. And we debuted Mom’s hoodie she bought that has a pouch just for me, and ears for her on the hood! Cute right?

They even had some really cool dogs and cats up for adoption. I got to meet lots of new friends and even a kitten named Twilight that was so cute, I tried to talk Mom into adopting her. But then I got scared she would bring her home, and I am jealous when my mom loves on my cousin or other fur babies in general. So I think I dodged a serious sibling self sabotage. I do hope she finds a good home with a mommy that loves her as much as mine loves me.

Mom even learned which brush she should be using on my hair, thanks to Kenny at Dirty Dawgs Grooming. He trimmed my nails and showed mom the best way to brush out my tangles. I love it when people pet me, but my hair gets tangled quickly. Then I couldn’t believe it, Kenny tried to put my hair in a ponytail, I was NOT having it! I jumped into Mom’s arms and when Kenny said goodbye to me I whipped my head away from him, like he was dead to me. I don’t like my hair in any kind of ‘tail’.

Bone drop!

  • Nigel Winston III


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