Internal Conflict Giants or Cubs?

When I was a wee little lass growing up in Salt Lake City, UT I picked my teams, like my many, many siblings before me, it was a family tradition. I selected the Giants and the 49ers.

When I got into radio my mentor Ray Kalusa Jr quickly became my best friend as we worked together over the years. He was born in Chicago and was faithful to Da Bears and Da Cubs. He was so much fun to watch a game with. His passion for his Cubby’s was infectious and I began to root for them with him.

In November of 2007 Ray passed away unexpectedly, and I promised him at his service that, the Cubby’s would not lose a fan, I would root for them from now in his stead.  As his friends and family gathered around his grave we all sang Take Me Out To The Ball Game/Cubs version and it made us smile and laugh through our tears and heartache. Ray’s cousin John and I had met many years before but at the service he promised to have my back like Ray always did, it gave me some comfort. Today he is one of my closest friends, I thank Ray for bringing his family into my life. The Kalusas are a fantastic group of people.

Last year I almost lost my voice and I did bite my nails down to nothing as I watched every moment of the series. John and I watched as many of the games as we could together on the phone or via Facetime if our networks were strong enough. Sadly, they did not win.

This morning I told Wayne my dilemma. We took it to the air on Hometown Mornings and let the listeners decide for me with our tried and true 5 person poll.

Sorry Giants I know you are BeliEVEN. But I remain a Cubs fan as promised. Go Cubs Go! This is their year, even Vegas odds makers agree. I can feel Ray’s relief all the way from Heaven.

Listen to Hometown Morning with Wayne Coy discuss and decide my fate:

Quick re-cap of the action:

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