A Kiss Is Still A Kiss

Ladies discuss it over coffee or cocktails. We crave for, long for, that magical lip lock that echoes through your mind, body and soul.

Today is International Kissing Day and in honor of this holiday, I thought I’d share some of my best and worst kisses. Don’t worry ex men in my life, I will not be sharing your names or even locations of said kisses. Not that you deserve to be shielded, it’s because I do. A recent survey by Smint revealed that the average woman will kiss 19 men before finding her soulmate. No guarantees that said soulmate will be an excellent kisser, but I have to believe he will be, or he wouldn’t be my soulmate. Because I’m a Positive Penny, let’s start with the best…


The Buildup Kiss:

This is the kiss I always hope for. Perhaps its intensity has been building because you’ve adored this man forever! But somehow, you didn’t get to lip lock until that perfect moment. The minute your lips meet, it’s like fireworks ring thru your whole body. It starts off sweet and soft and without even having to think about it, progresses to deep and passionate and seemingly endless. Now THAT’s the Gold Medal of kisses. Hopefully the relationship will be forever, and the tingly spark remains every time your lips meet, whether it’s a quick ‘see you later’ smack, or the ‘holy cow I haven’t seen you for 5 minutes and it seemed like forever’ smooch. If you have that, hold onto it.  A good kiss can get you through a lot of not so good times.


The Deep End Kiss:

If you’ve been there, then I extend my deepest sympathies. How does this man produce this much saliva? Why wouldn’t he warn me about this obvious medical problem he suffers from?

I don’t know how many available men read blogs about kissing, but I hope the next guy I honor with a kiss has done his homework on me.

  • Mel McKay


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