Life Hack or Crap?

Welcome to another addition of Life Hack or Crap. You’ve seen those videos and pictures about how simple things make life so much better. Well I decided it would be fun to test some and reveal my opinion.  I go through a lot of phone chargers, even the certified ones die on me just not as quickly as the knock offs. So I decided this would be a perfect test.

The theory is simple enough, take the spring from a pen and wrap it around the end of the charger cord. This should strengthen the cord when you plug and unplug your phone. My first thought was, I’m gonna have to stretch the crap out of that spring. So I did…

I finally got it wrapped around, and almost instantly regretted it. It slide down and when I pushed it back into place, it cut the cord. Seriously?! The wiring it just to small and it cut into the top of the cord. So now I have a more vulnerable charger than I started with. Sigh…

As I removed it, the end got caught on my finger and ripped out a small piece of my finger tip deep enough to draw blood. SMH…


Life Hack or Crap: Crap

Score Card:

Life Hack: 0 – Crap: 2 – Injuries: 1

  • Mel McKay




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