Life Hack or Crap?

Welcome to the first addition of Life Hack or Crap? As you scroll through your social media feed, they are everywhere! Video compilations of Hacks to make your life easier, but do they really?

Today I am testing the strawberry and straw trick. If you haven’t seen this one, they suggest you take the top off by pushing a straw from the base of the berry and it will magically pop off the green part.

Here we go…

Okay, maybe the 3rd time will be the charm…

After 10 stabs…

My opinion: CRAP

It’s much faster to do what I’ve always done. Bite the strawberry from the bottom up, fold in half, bite, repeat then toss the top. We recycle food items here at our office, so it will become compost. Hooray!

Feel free to comment with a Life Hack you’d like me to test in future blogs.

  • Mel McKay


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