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Mobility Matters: Contra Costa’s Mobility Management Center

Mobility Management is a comprehensive, strategic, cost effective approach to encourage the development of best practices in the coordination of transportation services, connecting people needing transportation to available resources within a community or region. Its focus is the person, the individual with specific needs, rather than a particular transportation mode. Mobility Management involves creating partnerships with providers to enhance travel options, and then developing means to effectively communicate those options to the public.

Rides for Seniors

To become a Rides for Seniors client, you must meet all the following qualifications:
Age 60 or older
Live in Contra Costa County
Able to walk with the aid of a cane, walker, knee scooter, crutches, or elbow assistance
Require escorted, door-through-door assistance
Able to call in to request rides
Unable to use other forms of transportation for medical care and basic necessities, like grocery shopping

Mobility Matters offers ambulatory, otherwise home bound senior residents of Contra Costa County free, one-on-one, door-through-door rides provided by volunteer drivers. These rides are primarily for the purpose of obtaining medical care, groceries, and other basic necessities. Training for volunteer drivers includes learning and practicing safety techniques. We always need more volunteer drivers, so if you are interested please click here to volunteer (Please note the requirements in the box to the right).

The Rides for Seniors program was added to fill a gap in services for seniors who no longer drive and cannot access other forms of transportation. Unless they are able to use public transportation, paratransit vans, or cabs that provide only curb-to-curb service, seniors often have difficulty in accessing medical care and obtaining basic necessities. In our society, mobility = independence, so without a safe and available alternative to driving, the end result for seniors is often long term institutionalization or deteriorating health.

If you need rides, click here to apply.

Rides 4 Veterans

This program offers free, one-on-one, door-through-door rides provided by screened and trained volunteer drivers, many of whom are veterans. These rides are primarily for medical care, dental appointments and basic necessities like grocery shopping for qualified veterans of any age.

US Veterans

Need Rides?
Qualifications for Rides 4 Veterans clients:

  • Honorable Discharge
  • Live in Contra Costa County.
  • Able to walk with the aid of a cane, walker, knee scooter, crutches, or elbow assistance.
  • Requires escorted, door-through-door assistance.
  • Able to call in to request rides.
  • Unable to use other forms of transportation for medical or dental care and basic necessities.

If you meet all of these qualifications, please call: 925-284-6161

Want to Help?
Requirements for Rides 4 Veterans volunteer drivers:

  • Be a caring, mature individual (veteran a plus) who is willing and able to provide transportation to an ambulatory veteran who can no longer drive.
  • Age 25 – 75 with a current driver’s license.
  • Excellent driving record and crime free background.
  • Own or have access to a reliable, safe vehicle that is registered and insured.
  • Participate in a three hour training class before giving first ride.

If you meet all of these requirements, come join our team and find out what a difference you can make in another person’s life. It will change their life, and it will most certainly change yours!

If you would like more information about volunteering for the Rides 4 Veterans program please call: 925-284-2215

Click here for more info.

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