NORSLED Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Tasting Fundraiser



In 2019, we will strive to save as many as possible from the shelters, but we will need your continued support to help us succeed. With your help we hope to save dogs for the next 20 years, although empty shelters from the lack of abandoned and dogs would be just wonderful. We can dream!

The importance of foster homes cannot be overly emphasized. For the dogs to have a home environment makes them much more adoptable. The dogs learn how to behave in a home and get socialization and basic training all of which is so important in getting them into forever homes. Of course, It also helps reduce our overhead kenneling cost which is very high on a monthly basis as we often have up to twenty dogs kenneled at a time. It’s either that or leaving them in shelters to die. So, if you can help by fostering a dog in 2019, we would be thrilled. So, would the dogs!



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