This Is Not A Good Day

Today is an awful day. First, over 50 people lost their lives last night in Las Vegas doing something they love – listening to music. In an act of domestic terrorism, a resident of Nevada decided that he was going to take as many lives as he could. At this point, there is no motive. Just the horror we have all seen from the videos populating the internet today. The sound of the machine gun fire is extremely disturbing and I cannot imagine the terrified feelings of those attending the concert. There are many ways we can show support for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, but what is needed right now is blood donations. As you can imagine, the hospitals in Las Vegas have used a lot of the blood supplies in the area. So please consider donating blood now.


Then this afternoon we learned that Tom Petty had passed away. He apparently went into cardiac arrest last night and was rushed to the hospital. He was put on life support but determined that he had no brain activity so they pulled the life support. His rabid fans are devastated. His shows always sold out, no matter how many days he would play in the Bay Area.


He was only 66 – I don’t know about you, but I am feeling quite mortal right now. Let’s hope tomorrow is better.



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