Our New Sisterly Cheesy Thanksgiving Tradition

What a wonderful Holiday with my Sister/Best Friend For Life. I hope it was for you and yours too. This was the first Thanksgiving since I moved here, that our schedules worked out so Maria and I could celebrate together!

We had a very traditional meal. Turkey, Roasted Garlic Creamy Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Yams, Cranberry sauce, rolls and for desert, a berry pie a la Mode. It was all wonderfully delicious.

During Turkey Coma #1 we were flipping through movies, and Maria says, “Let’s watch a really cheesy romantic Christmas movie.” I was immediately on board. We chose “A Cinderella Christmas” and it did not disappoint. We decided this is now a new tradition, even when we can’t be together we can watch the same movie and know we are laughing at the exact same places.

  • Mel McKay




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