My Star Wars Tree Tradition

Halloween was my favorite holiday for most of my life, so I used to go nuts with the decorations, and just be too pooped to decorate for Christmas. As I got older the joy of Halloween faded for me. It’s been a few years now that haven’t decorated my home for Halloween.

I started a new tradition last year, one that I will probably continue indefinitely.  I was super excited aka geeked out about the release of Star Wars Rouge One. Then it donned on me, why not get a small tree and decorate it with only Star Wars stuff. I had a wonderful listener who worked at a tree lot drop off a small tree that was sprayed pink, my favorite color! Here’s how it turned out, I did add a few more snowflakes. I tried to make a Death Star Topper but it was a fail, so I topped it with one of my hats. The Chewy belt is from a costume I made Nigel a few years ago for Halloween.  Fun Fact, that Chewy shaped remote has several Chewy sounds, which makes me giggle.

I even wrote a Christmas Parody song called “Oh Star Wars Tree”. And just like that, another tradition was born.

My tradition is to put the Star Wars Tree up when I get home from seeing the new movie and it stays up until the movie is no longer #1 at the Box Office. Since Episode IX won’t be released until 2019, next year I will most likely decorate it in early December. Now that you know the history, it’s time to debut this years tree. I bought an artificial tree that I can use year after year, and this year I added the Santa Yoda Hat topper and a BB-8 ornament.

We debuted this years Parody Song on Friday on Hometown Mornings with Wayne Coy. It’s called “Blasters Around the Star Wars Tree”

Merry Christmas from me and Nigel Winston III to you and yours.

  • Mel McKay


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