Technology Takeover

I have a relatively new pet peeve. Being invited to a Facebook Event and it automatically adding itself to my calendar on my phone.

I didn’t say I’d join the event, nor do I even know the person who’s holding the 3 plus week event. Yet day after day, it pops up to remind me of something I’d LOVE to forget and it urks me!

Sadly, Facebook makes it harder than it should be to remove yourself from these events. You have to say the event is harassing you, then it offers the option to remove yourself from the guest list. I usually don’t write reviews or give feedback, but in this case it bothered me enough to do it.  I admit to feeling a sense of relief.

I went back on my phone to confirm my triumph. Noooooooooo it’s still there. I decided to go through the same steps on my phone, still there. Okay Mel, calm down, shut down and restart your phone. Give it some time to update. That was yesterday morning. Last night I commented on the page politely asking to be removed and not invited to further events to purchase gluten free products. As of this morning, no comment or response and yes it is still on my calendar.


I hate to give up on something that I find so annoying. Please if you know a way to fix this, I hope you will comment or shoot me an email at

Stuff like this makes me thing Terminator could actually happen. Just sayin…

  • Mel McKay

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