The Battle of the Bay

The Pet Rock…New Coke…Making not one, but two “Little Rascals” movies…

Those were all BAD ideas.

But none of them reeks more as a concept or as a reality than the idea of being a fan of both the San Francisco Giants AND The Oakland A’s.

Seriously? Do you think Chicago Cubs fans root for the White Sox? Do you believe that Yankee fans and Mets fans support each other’s teams just because they share a similar geographic area?

Uh NO!

Ever heard of Alabama and Auburn? Schools and teams, from the same state. I dare you to find anyone who is a fan of both. It’s War Eagle! OR Roll Tide! And I believe you make that choice at birth.

Truth is, there is way more than a bridge separating Oakland and the East Bay from San Francisco. There is a pride that resides on both sides of the Bay. It’s “The City” versus “The Town.” Chardonnay and Bruschetta versus Hot Links and Ice Cold Beer.

Oakland and San Francisco are very different culturally and both are extremely proud of their sports teams. Yeah, we may share The Sharks with San Jose and to some extent, The Warriors (even though they play in OAKLAND and have for over 40 years) but when it comes to Niners vs Raiders and A’s vs Giants, as Offspring once sang, ‘ya gotta keep ‘em separated.’

Please go away with that stupid split hat you’re wearing.

Stop singing “Kumbaya.”

Pick a lane and stay in it.

It’s just the right thing to do when it comes to The Battle Of The Bay.

-Wayne Coy



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