The Play by Play of Mel’s Breast Biopsy

#MissionMammogram recap, it all began with a crazy idea. Video tape my mammogram taking the fear out of the necessary check up. Also encouraging you to make your appointments, regardless of the time of year.

I have a calcification, which come in categories of 1, 2 or 3. Mine is a 2 which means a biopsy is recommended. 4 out of 5 of these turn out benign. A friend asked me “so if most are okay did you think about skipping the biopsy?” No way, I must know. I truly felt calm & remain as “Zen” as possible.

I got home, poured a glass of wine and made the appointment. Now onto the information packet. It’s funny but as I was reading what was going to happen to my right breast, my left one started aching in empathy. It made me giggle, I told her she was sweet but knock it off. Yes, I speak to my breasts, doesn’t everyone?

A needle core biopsy takes about an hour. Christi got me changed into my gown. Galina met me with a warm blanket to drape around my shoulders.  In the procedure room, they had me sit in a chair, that I stayed in the whole time. As my Dr and my team walked me through what to expect, Christi shared that she had been through this once and Galina 3 times. They understand what it’s like. Thankfully, their results were benign.

The plastic plate has a square cut out so they can compress and access the very small calcification. They informed me sometimes it can take several squeezes and scans to find the sweet spot. Also I was warned that more than one poke of the needle may be necessary. Why? They take the sample into the next room and test it, if the calcification shows up then no more pokes.

Galina got my breast positioned, compressed and scanned. She nailed it on the first try! Then comes the numbing, I asked what gauge the needles were ’cause I like to know. If you are squeamish skip this part.

Christi and Galina were wonderful standing next to me with a hand on mine or my shoulder offering amazing comforting contact, while walking me through everything. We ended up going a little deeper with the numbing agent and I felt pressure right behind my nipple. Once nice and numb they began the extraction.

My A Team got the sample the first try! Now to set me free. After some much need compression to minimize bleeding my girl was released and free. Oh and now I have a titanium tit. It’s really brilliant. They place a very small marker where the biopsy was taken. For future mammograms it shows that this area has already been biopsied. If the results aren’t good, the surgeon knows exactly where to go in to remove it. No, it will not set off metal detectors.

As I headed home, I decided I deserved a treat, something I rarely indulge in…Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs! It was delicious and I got several meals out of it.

Now we wait, results should in back in 48 hours. My mission now is to remain “Zen” and positive. Check back for the (fingers crossed) ‘Benign Biopsy Blog’.

Peace, Love & Health.

  • Mel McKay

PS: If you missed the video catch up here.




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