Toilet of Terror!

For the first time in my life, I got stuck in a bathroom stall. It was nothing like Elaine asking her neighbor to ‘spare a square’ on Seinfeld. How could we go through the roll and the back up roll before Noon? I peaked under and no shoes to my left or right. There wasn’t a single co-worker in site, or even my bladder buddy, Zilena to be found. 

What do I do? Hobble to the next stall hoping to have better luck?  When this happened to Elaine there was no such thing as seat covers. I felt a surge of hope. I crossed my fingers and opened the lid. Couldn’t see anything. I listened for someone to come along. Still nothing. This is the one time I left my phone in the studio, I admit on some level I was okay with that. Making that call to Melissa at the front desk could open up a whole new level of office pranks.

Time to make a decision. Once more I reached into the seat cover dispenser, digging deep. Hooray, one left. I swore to myself from here on out, I will check before I close the door. I also suggest, carrying some facial issues, just in case.

  • Mel McKay

Listen to me tell Wayne all about it here:



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