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Top 10 Things That Make People Feel Good…

…According to a new survey of 2,000 people by Whitehall Galleries.

Did your Top “happy” make the list?

  1. A blue sky on a sunny day
  2. Seeing a beautiful landscape
  3. Dogs/puppies/cats/kittens
  4. sitting in a clean home after you’ve given it a tidy up
  5. Going out for nice food
  6. A compliment
  7. Someone smiling at you/seeing a smiling face
  8. Booking a holiday
  9. Having a cuddle with a loved one
  10. Memories

And, my favorites: feeling the sunshine on my face, the ocean, and better than booking a holiday – actually going on holiday!

What things make you “feel good” and happy?

-Tricia Ferguson


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