Being Truly Happy ROCKS!

As you can probably guess if you listen to me on the radio, I am generally a very happy person. I’m an optimist at heart and so grateful I can find something funny about almost every situation I encounter. Of course I get sad, I’m only human. I even went through a few years with serious depression. Yep, and I was on anti depressants, there is NO shame in it. I used to hide that I was on them from Wayne and people in general. Only my closest friends knew. As a matter of fact, when I started this Blog I had no intention of mentioning it. This was just going to be a Life is Amazing and Damn, I Am Lucky post.

I was medicated when I first started working here, I thought that because I was so happy at work, that I didn’t need them so I stopped taking them. Slowly, I found myself right back in blues. I would paste a smile on my face, for all to see, but when I was alone, I couldn’t seem to find any joy. The smile would just melt from my face and I literally felt like there was a crushing weight on my shoulders, pushing me down. I talked to my sister about it, and she encouraged me to go back on them. Thank goodness I have her, she is one of the best things in my life. My extremely happy life! Before I move on to the happy stuff I must say this. If you can’t find a smile or you feel like you are faking, please talk to someone and tell your doctor. Life doesn’t have to be so draining.

I’m off the pills again and have been for a while. But if I start sliding again, I will go right back on them.

Now, on to the original idea for this entry…

Thank you, for being a part of the happiest time of my life. I have a billion reasons to be happy, and I wanted to say thanks for that. I’ve never been embraced so warmly in any place I’ve lived before. Nothing even close to my wonderful life here. I hope I never have to leave the area or the radio stations. I tell people I’ve found the Unicorn of Radio Jobs. The theme song from WKRP in Cincinnati is usually how it is in the business. “Town to town, up and down the dial”

Well I’m gonna head home and take my Nigel bear for a nice long walk. Have an amazing weekend!

  • Mel


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