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Vanity Killed The Radio Star: Update!

Vision Of Eyechart With Glasses

Why do some words just scream “OLD”, like Bi-Focals? I gave that word way too much power recently. I must re-frame my thinking (pun intended). I’m 43 years old, nearsighted and have needed vision correction since the 3rd Grade.

Eye appointment time again, so I went to Murrieta Optometry. My very fun and cool Dr. Melissa Moore broke the news to me gently, if you want to be able to see distance and be able to read without taking off your glasses a bi-focal is best. I secured my poker face, or so I thought. All the while this running thru my head. “What the what?!?! How did this happen? Why me? I’m too young to feel this damn old!’

All I could picture was my adorable new frames and that tell tale line, that in my mind, screamed “OLD”. Dr. Moore explained that they now have a progressive bi-focal, providing perfect vision without that pesky line, for a price. Sadly that price was more than I wanted to pay. I numbly accepted my fate and ordered the original lined bi-focal.

I went home called my sister Maria and lamented over my recent medical diagnosis. By then end of the day, I had called back and ordered single vision lenses. I would just take them off when I needed to read. Problem solved.

One week later, I went into pick them up. I gotta say, it’s fun to actually see things!  However, it would be nicer to see things without having to remove my glasses.

Why must I be so vain?

I started to re-frame my thinking. Honestly as a nearsighted person, I could’ve used duel vision lenses all my life. How amazing is it that there’s a way to correct strange vision like mine. I’ve embraced technology and my fate and went back to order another pair of progressive bi-focals. They’ll be ready any day now. Stay tuned for updates. I can’t wait to see my new world!

  • Mel McKay

August 12th Update:

Singing, A Whole New World!!! I’ve had them for over a week now. Wow, what a difference my ‘newly framed’ attitude makes. I LOVE my Multi-Vision lenses, see I’ve renamed them and now I don’t feel old. I implore all my fellow nearsighted citizens to encourage their doctors to refer to Bi-Focals as Multi Vision lenses to reduce the push back. I’ll never go back to single vision again. Thanks again Murrieta Optometry. See images below….

My new pair with Multi Vision lenses, and sunglasses too:

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender 2

Single Vision Four Eyed Me


Four Eyed me Flashback




Please enjoy the song that inspired the title…




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