Wiggin Wednesday Fail

I order my wigs online. Most of them I’ve been happy with. This week is a total #wigginwednesday fail. I’ve had my eye on this wig for a long time. The price finally dropped so I went for it. I was so excited when it arrived last night, just in time for this weeks Wiggin Wednesday. Then I put it on and was like, What The What? This is not the same wig. Where are the bangs? It’s got more waves than the image, which I don’t mind, but the bang fail is just too much for me to handle. This bad boy is being returned. Now the question is, do I walk around in this obviously bad wig or do I not celebrate my middle of the week holiday? First world problems.

To make this a happy ending, here’s a dog and cat wearing wigs. Enjoy!

  • Mel McKay

P.S. Nigel Winston III would like me to point out that it is NOT him in the wig.





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